7 Best Online Photo Editor Software and Apps (Free and Paid)

When you need to edit and process a picture, you need high-performance software development that makes the procedure smooth and seamless. Online services that don’t even need to be downloaded and installed are regarded as the most accessible option. They don’t require any space on the operating device, which is especially preferable for mobile users that cherish literally every megabyte (social networking users know for sure that it’s only reasonable to store images in the cloud).

In order to realize in what high demand photo editors are in right now, check out the statistics indicating a rapidly increasing number of users of the hugest modern social network — Instagram.

We analyzed most popular positive online photo editor reviews as well as some cases from our experience in order to make this list of top 7 photo editors online. With the following solutions, you can fully process and edit a picture while enjoying a well-thought-out UX.

Fotor online photo editor

Fotor is a free online photo editor like Picnik (which was, unfortunately, shut down in 2013) for image-processing where you can also compose collages and whatnot.

It is much appreciated by users, which can be indicated by over 10 million downloads and the title of the best online photo editor 2017 in many independent ratings.

You can use it for basic editing as well as for the creation of fully new designs for uploaded images (which, by the way, can be saved right there in the dedicated cloud of the service). There are thousands of vivid customized templates available. Fotor also provides hundreds of built-in font types, stickers, and HDR features. Everything you need to get high-quality, recognizable media content!

Lunapic online photo editor

An interactive editor, Lunapic, is another online photo editor like Picnik that would be a great choice for photo editing beginners. The navigation is practically identical to Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw, which have long been mastered by all photo enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it has a much more pleasant UX that helps users process images intuitively. No need to read a user guide or anything.

Lunapic provides capabilities for visually realizing anything you can come up with: put a human silhouette over a new background, smooth out skin irregularities, experiment with special effects. The cherry on top here is the ability to add animation effects to images. If you’re looking for a tool to edit photos for Facebook or Instagram, you’ll definitely enjoy Lunapic.

Pixlr online photo editor

Online photo editor Pixlr is a multi-purpose solution that features a full set of tools for the creation and editing of pictures. It’s available in over 25 languages.

Pixlr allows users to fully adjust the interface in accordance with their preferences. Images can be either uploaded from a device or imported with the help of a URL address.

The process of editing there is pretty similar to Photoshop. If you’re familiar with the PS, you’ll get a firm hold of the Pixlr online photo editor.

FotoJet online photo editor

FotoJet is a great tool for creating collages and processing photos that works right out of a browser. With its capabilities, users can accessibly create ad banners or retouch photographs for their blog account pictures.

Ultimately, FotoJet offers over 600 tools to for your creative freedom. Images can be saved in JPG, PNG, and PDF. A free version of this software includes quite a sufficient number of user features. However, for those that require something more advanced, there is a premium version — Fotojet Plus.

FotoJet is basically subdivided into three editors: photo editor, collage editor, and graphic editor. The first one can be used both for superficial and deep editing. You can choose from a multitude of overlays, online photo editor filters for the regulation of brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and other parameters; font types, vignettes, etc.

The collage editor is a real holy grail for those looking to create ad visuals and pictures for commercial purposes through an online service. It features a wide range of various templates, backgrounds, and effects. The graphic editor will be of great help to designers and painters with its variety of templates and built-in tools for the implementation of the wildest ideas.

GIMP online photo editor

A free open-source photo editor that set the standards for many others in the niche with its universal approach. You can retouch, change dimensions and format of photos from your archive and you can also draw pictures from scratch there. In GIMP online photo editor, you can create ad banners using a wide range of font types (in this online photo editor you can add text both with featured and uploaded font types), tools and filters, as well as stylized images for commercial web platforms.

GIMP allows formatting of processed images into JPEG, PNG, GIF, native XCIF, and others. You can also compress them into an archive right on the website. Last but not least, despite more of a beginner-focus (as opposed to Photoshop), GIMP can be used for the creation of animation with the help of the GAP package.

PicMonkey online photo editor

PicMonkey is a photo editor that cannot be launched in a browser. Still, it is a great solution for online bloggers and regular social network users providing accessible image processing capabilities with a variety of filters and special effects. According to the opinion of many users, PicMonkey is more user-friendly and intuitive than Photoshop.

General advantages of this editor include an informative control panel (which, in our opinion, is very reasonably situated, unlike in most other solutions — vertically, on the left side of the screen). In this online photo editor text capabilities are expanded — you can use built-in and custom font types and customize font shade, size and location.

It also has a wide choice of overlays. Cool stickers are the most attention-grabbing among them. Active Instagram users will surely find them exciting. Lastly, there is a unique feature — Touch Up — that initiates smart enhancement of pictures: skin tone smoothing, light and shade mode adjustment, teeth whitening, etc. You can try PicMonkey for free.

Prisma online photo editor

Prisma online photo editor is a unique mobile app that managed to become viral in 4 days into its initial release! 6 weeks into its release, it achieved a 1.6 million downloads mark on App Store. Currently, the software is available for Google Play users as well in online mode. This would be an excellent choice for those who care a lot about their social networking image.

There are a bunch of reasons to admire Prisma. It has a standard set of filters (including online photo editor black and white filters) as well as unique, highly artistic filters that allow one to make masterpieces by the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, and other out-of-the-ordinary photos. Prisma features over 800 custom filters to be applied to both static images and 15-second videos.

As for UX, the creators obviously put a lot of effort into it. Particularly, the processing of any image takes 4 steps: providing an image, choosing a filter, adjusting it, and saving/sharing it. There is also a premium version available. The subscription starts at $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year.


There are many more online editors that get tons of positive user reviews. We highlighted only those that we had come to appreciate as well as our designers working on processing and the creation of pictures for commercial websites. We hope very much that this feature will help you find your own №1 free online photo editor like PicMonkey or some other.

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