About the business

NewAge Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality organizer solutions for both garage and in-house storage. The company was founded in Canada back in 2008 and now operates throughout Canada and the USA. In addition to purchasing the goods, it’s also possible to order installation services from licensed professionals and get online technical support as well.

Initially, the client contacted us to customize one of our Shopify App Store’s applications, but this cooperation later turned into a long-term partnership. As the online store had quite a unique user experience that required complex solutions to make it work, we…

About the app

There are certain types of businesses that find goods on eBay and then resell them later in their stores at a higher price. This requires a lot of manual work, from product search to content management to listing updates. So for one of our clients, we developed an app that automated most of these business processes.

The app works in the following way:

  1. Parses products from eBay
  2. Adds them to the app
  3. Allows manual adjustment of product content
  4. Publishes approved products on the Shopify store

We designed, built, programmed, tested and installed the software into our client’s existing Shopify store…

About the business

Deck of Scarlet is a US-made beauty brand that offers a makeup subscription service, shipping to Canada, UK/Europe, and the USA. The products are delivered every other month and include the colors needed to complete multiple full makeup looks, inspired by YouTube beauty vloggers.

Being a unit of the subscription-based parfumerie ScentBird, the client needed a flexible and fully-customizable Shopify store to scale up the business. They had a set of strict requirements about the theme, especially regarding the speed of loading, website accessibility, code quality, and a unique design. …

Product and business

The business motto is “Stop buyin’ — start boroin’”, because iBorodum provides a custom eСommerce user experience where products can be borrowed and returned as a service. This functionality was implemented with our in-house Split Payment app, which required some additional customization to fit the customer’s business needs.

Product and business

VocalMist is a nebulizer that helps singers and voice professionals to support their vocal health. The nebulizer comes with a specially-designed VocalMist Hydration Formula, available in packs starting from 24 units and intended for regular use.

From the business point of view, it’s quite a unique case with a specific monetization strategy, where selling the flagship product is just the first step of interaction with the customer. The main source of income comes from refill packs with several subscription options available.

Challenges and solutions

Regarding promotion, SEO wasn’t an option because the website is relatively small; and running Facebook or Google Ads was…

About Split ‑ Partial Payments

The only partial payment Shopify app that allows your customer to pay for a single order different ways!

What a problem does the app solve?

Have you ever been in the situation when you want to buy something or pay for a service but do not have enough money on one card and have to pay the bill with several cards? Of course, this does not happen often, but still, such cases occur sometimes. If the store does not have the opportunity to enter the payment in several ways, you say “I’m sorry, I’ll come back next time.” Thus, the store owner loses profits.

If you want to give someone a present from a group of people, you face problems in collecting money and transferring…

About Products A/B Test

Would you like to split test your product? This is the right app, try it now!

Is your product price (and name, description or image) just right, or could you actually be charging more by simply changing the title?

Maybe your sales will double if you just change a product image?

Schedule planned product changes and observe how your income grows with A/B testing!

How it works

  • Choose one price (or image, or description) for week 1 and another price for week 2.
  • Wait for 2 weeks.
  • The app then will show you on which of 2 weeks your sales were the highest.
  • You can then make a conclusion what product details you will have (you can make it…

About Dynamic Pricing

Change prices automatically according to product sales volume

Create rules for product prices to adjust automatically, and watch your sales and revenue go up!

Choose products that you want the app to track, and create rules that will adjust the prices of these products. Increase the prices of your best sellers and reduce the prices of items with low sales volume.

Why should I use Dynamic Pricing to grow my Shopify business?

There’s no need to spend time changing your products’ prices manually. Let the app do all the work for you! You set the rules for optimal price alteration. Let your bestsellers bring in even more revenue entirely automatically.

Sell more of your weak items. Let Dynamic Pricing

About Recurring Order & Subscription

Shopify subscription app perfect for monthly subscriptions, subscription boxes and any recurring billing products.

Our recurring orders app allows to easily create and maintain subscriptions, payment plans and invoicing. No customer login/registration required, allowing a quick subscription process. If needed, customers can unsubscribe using a link in the email.

Customers will see a subscription option next to Add to cart button, at the specified product(s) page.

The app sends them recurrent emails with a payment link that can accept over 100 payment options, using Shopify billing system.

Keep in mind that the app generates automatic invoices only, it DOESN’T BILL your subscribers automatically!

Main features

Allows single product, mixed cart & entire cart subscriptions

No more separate carts for different subscriptions. Mixed cart with and without subscription products works great.

Offer customer different subscription services

The app perfect fits to:

  • digital subscription
  • recurring donations
  • magazine subscription

About Discount Reminder

Do you plan to organize a Sale and do not want to lose any potential customers visiting your store without making a purchase because of prices not satisfying their holiday shopping expectations?

Do your products have flexible prices and you would like to manage them according to your customers’ wishes?

Would you like to automate a process of notifications for customers in case of prices decreasing for the products they need?

…If so, then Discount Reminder is your right choice!

How it works

Discount Reminder lets your customers register an email address for an instant email alert if they are interested in purchasing…


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