What is Shopify and how does it work? Main reasons to migrate to the platform

The boost of eCommerce today is undeniable. For shoppers’ and merchants’ convenience there are a number of platforms for online stores where you can grow your business or purchase anything you wish.

One of the leading platforms is Shopify, which has established itself as a stable and popular one — more than 600,000 sellers have chosen it so far. The reasons to use Shopify developers are clear:

  • three affordable payment plans with a 14-day trial period
  • lots of incredibly designed customizable store themes
  • a variety of advanced SEO tools accessible on any payment plan
  • non-stop user support via phone, chat or email


  • Who uses Shopify? Types of businesses that fit the platform
  • Starting a Shopify store — a startup and migration guide
  • Conclusion

To reveal what Shopify is and how it works, a seller should understand the platform’s features and specialization. The first thing is what Shopify does. The platform provides merchants with software allowing them to sell their goods online or in retail. In addition to that, Shopify offers various SEO, marketing, accounting and other tools, and the ability to run a blog in a single place. The platform integrates with popular social media resources and lets sellers painlessly switch to Shopify from other eCommerce platforms.

What can you sell on Shopify? Everything within the law. The platform users, whose number has achieved 1,000,000, can find here any kind of goods from designer dresses to small household items. Every eCommerce seller has heard about Shopify, which has gone a long way from a small snowboarding store to a giant corporation that unites merchants from all over the world. To sell on Shopify one only needs to visit its website and follow the simple instructions.

Who uses Shopify? Types of businesses that fit the platform

Actually, any type of business will be able to place their store on the platform. The size of your business matters only in relation to the payment plan and software you should use. Large companies can afford more expensive tools while small businesses will get along with simple smart plugins, lots of which are free of charge.

The Shopify marketing system lets merchants sell online or via social media as well as from a bricks-and-mortar shop — it doesn’t matter where you sell from to start using the platform.

Among the biggest brands that chose Shopify for business are the following giants: Red Bull, Tesla Motors, Budweiser, KKW Beauty, The Economist, and many others. The platform seamlessly adapts to large companies along with tiny ones. This shows that the amount of merchants who use Shopify is likely to grow steadily.

Starting a Shopify store — a startup and migration guide

The whole process will be a bit more complicated for those who already own a web store and have made up their mind to switch to Shopify from another platform. Starting a Shopify store in this case will mean its migration from another resource, so this action must be well planned.

The reasons for shop migration are different. Some find the existing platform interface too complex or lack mobile support, and others decide to pay less for the same features. Here is the material on how to sell on Shopify if you transfer your store from somewhere else.

Configuring the basics

Data import

Check the products

  • add the items names, meta descriptions, images, variants, etc.
  • join your products in collections for an effective search through your web store
  • have a glimpse at your inventory and install some relevant apps that will deal with the sold-out or old products

That’s it, you’re awesome.

Creating a web store design

Domain setting

Shipping, taxes, payment

The final test


Re-platforming will go smoothly if you are familiar with the financial aspect of running a business or have a reliable team who’ll handle that. Any business stands upon a strong desire to develop a brand along with pragmatism and self-discipline. Being a merchant can be tough sometimes but it’s a pleasant duty if you have a good plan.

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